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9502 E Columbus Drive
Tampa, FL 33619
Phone: 813-769-0445

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The Columbus Youth Academy serves 50 males, up to age 19, in a non-secure residential commitment program. Youth offenses must not have involved force, threats, or weapons in the commission of the sexual offense. Youth from similar programs who have exhibited sexually-offending behavior may be transferred into this program. The primary therapeutic curriculum follows a specialized model called "STEPS of Progress," which incorporates the main treatment tasks identified by treatment providers as important when working with adolescent sexual offenders. Youth with developmental issues will be provided specific behavioral programming.

The program provides individual, family, and group therapy, in addition to case management services as well as in-home prevention services as youth progress toward program completion. Each youth admitted to the program will be evaluated by a psychiatrist for medication management with monthly follow-up evaluations thereafter.

Uniforms are provided by the program and youth are permitted to bring their own socks, shoes, and undergarments. The anticipated, average length of stay is between one year and 18 months, depending on the youth's pace of success in completing his individualized treatment plan and goals.

Important information regarding our health plan's Machine-Readable Files (MRF).

Programs Offered

  • Residential treatment for delinquent boys
  • Sex Offender Treatment
  • Substance abuse overlay service
  • Group, Individual and Family Counseling Services
  • Educational Services
  • Vocational Planning
  • Transitional and Discharge Services
  • Evidenced Based programming
  • In Home Prevention Services

Student Profile

  • Males, age up to -19 years old
  • Is impulsive/irresponsible
  • In need of Sex Offender Treatment
  • Substance Abuse issues
  • Denies and/or justifies negative behavior
  • Has problems with anger and aggression
  • Demonstrates a low degree of empathy
  • Lacks self-discipline
  • Exhibits poor coping skills
  • Is non-compliant with authority
  • Is amenable to a normative culture

Whom Do We Serve?

The youth served by Columbus Youth Academy serves males served that have a documented need for sex offender treatment based upon a psychosexual assessment. Youth committed to the program have committed sexual offenses including, but not limited to charges involving voyeurism, exhibitionism, frotteurism, and sexual harassment.

Columbus Youth Academy provides them with evidenced based services, programming and behavior management that assists them in developing into responsible young men before returning to the community.